About us

Taste Hellas was founded in 2012 aiming to bring everyone closer to health, well-being and beauty. Based in three big European cities, Stuttgart, Sofia and Thessaloniki, the distance disappears and all the products you see on your PC screen are just a click away.

After 7 years in the field of well-being and beauty, Taste Hellas creates Vita Shop, an electronic shop easy to use and friendly to surf and learn what you don’t know already about the power of Nature.

In Vita Shop you will find Natural Cosmetics for anyone that want to take good care of their face and body. With the special and neat raw materials like the bio olive oil, the caviar and the volcanic lava, the regeneration and the protection of the skin is not a dream anymore.

We recognize the important role of sexual action in our life and in Vita Shop we bring  Natural and Organic Aphrodisiacs. With this 100% natural and organic  aphrodisiacs products, your sexual life is improving and boosts your emotional wellness through the relaxation, the fulfillment and the self-confidence.

The most recent addition to Taste Hellas Family are the Oncological Cosmetics. This line is dedicated with all our affection and respect to women of all ages that, as a consequence of cancer treatments, hormonal alterations or an increased sensitivity, have a special delicate skin and need a unique attention to obtain improvement and regeneration. The Natural active principles and the essential oils can help you enter a world of good vibes, which aim is alleviating any affliction you may suffer. Emotional and Spiritual Wellness! Exactly what you need to fight the enemies of your body!