Flat Head Pillow Kit – Plagiocephaly

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HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT – The fit of the Flat Head Pillow prevents plagiocephaly (deformation of the skull) and helps to regain the natural head shape of already deformed baby heads.

WITHOUT POLUTTANTS – The pillow consists of hypoallergenic and bacterial resistant memory foam, which is covered with very soft and breathable 100% cotton. 100% pollutant free

SAFETY – Your baby is in the right position and can breathe freely!

PERFECT FOR ON THE ROAD – Due to the its size, it is very handy for traveling. The pillow is perfect for inserting in baby cradles, child car seats, buggies, prams and much more!


SOVERDE baby products offer the highest quality and make everyday life easier with your baby.

Dimension & Weight

For 0-10 month baby  27,2 x 25,4 x 5 cm / Net weight 236g
For 10-24 month baby 41,5 x 27,5 x 5 cm / Net weight 360g

Easy Cleaning!

The baby pillow can be cleaned  easy. The 2 FREE covers can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. The pad itself can be carefully cleaned with a damp cloth and then dried in air.


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