Olympus apples have always had special qualities, unsurpassed taste and nutritional value. The gods of Olympus fought for an apple.

The apple chosen by Eris and written on the “beautiful” (the “most beautiful”) was the cause of the Trojan War, when Paris, who was appointed a judge, preferred, in return for the love of Nice Helen, to give it to Venus.

An apple from Olympus was the cause of mankind’s first and greatest epic, the Iliad, which formed the basis of Hellenic-Roman civilization! Likewise, for another apple, Mankind left Paradise and began its adventure on planet Earth.

All of this, in addition to their philosophical meanings, shows the value of apple as the top fruit of the earth, which, in addition to the preceding ones, “does the doctor well” as soon as we put it into our daily diet.

That’s why in Diodora we love the apples of Olympus and offer you their distilled and intact properties.