Cosmetics for sensitive skin.

GGcare Cosmetics is a line of cosmetics that is dedicated with all our love and respect to women of all ages who, as a result of cancer treatment, hormonal changes or hypersensitivity, have a very sensitive skin and need unique care to improve and regeneration.
GGcare Cosmetics promotes values ​​ that help you enter a world of positive energy, which aims to alleviate any problems that may make you suffer:
Naturally active substances are therefore designed to be effective.
Aromatherapy essential oils to enhance your emotional state.
All Cosmetics for Sensitive Skin by GGcare Cosmetics are Parabens Free and suitable for all skin types.

Dermatologically tested products in oncology patients.

Through a study conducted on 93 women, patients of the oncologist Dr. Pere Gascón of the Barcelona Hospital and radiologist Dr. Pilar Manchón of the Manchón Diagnostic Center in Barcelona. The results were excellent as 100% of the 93 women were satisfied.
Results: 100% satisfaction in 93 patients in all products.

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